setembro 12, 2012

Galaxies Shaped Like the Alphabet

Intergalactic A to Z: Volunteers Find Galaxies Shaped Like the Alphabet

Date: 10 September 2012 Time: 10:20 PM E

"Our cosmos is a veritable alphabet soup, featuring galaxies that resemble every letter from A to Z, volunteers participating in the online Galaxy Zoo project have found.
Since 2007, Galaxy Zoo has been asking regular folks around the world to classify galaxies by shape. So far, more than 250,000 people have sorted through roughly 1 million images, saving scientists precious time and helping reveal key insights about galaxy formation and evolution, project officials say.
The work has also produced some odd and quirky results, such as the fact that every letter in the alphabet is galactically represented. A celestial zoo may be in the offing, too, since citizen scientists have also found a penguin-shaped galaxy — an example of a phenomenon called pareidolia, in which the human brain recognizes shapes in random images.
To write a message with galactic letters, visit, a site set up by Galaxy Zoo team member Steven Bamford of the University of Nottingham".

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