dezembro 29, 2009

Relação entre o Afecto e a Aprendizagem

Algumas notas retiradas do livro: The Minds of Boys: Saving our Sons of falling behind in school and in life,Michael Gurian. O texto original está disponível em:

The relationship between love and Learning

Apparently affection, playing * well *, and love affect brain development, Especially in areas of the brain that involve learning.
"Children with secure attachments are more likely to make learning gains for a biological reason: biological mechanisms in the brain that the brain learns require secure attachment in order to grow fully. " (p. 71)
Addiction is defined as the "continuous process of loving care that nurtures the [parent-child] Bond a lifetime."

Playlists Gurian 10 ways to promote the connection between us and our children.

1. Explosions Care - 5 long bursts, a few minutes of undivided attention each day (along with smaller bursts, too).
2. Lots of affirmation Achievements - Warning and efforts to give praise and hugs
3. Verbal Mirroring - Use words to describe what your child is doing, pay attention to your baby, then back to repeat what he says - "You're right, that's a great car."
4. Physical Play - Playtime is organic learning time for the body and brain
5. Leadership - Let your kid take the lead in activities, often imitate him, follow the leader and take turns being the leader.
6. Enthusiasm - The feeling of joy is often directed through the temporal lobe of the brain, the development assistance with more enthusiasm for learning. Find things to do together that will inspire your child's enthusiasm and joy.
7. Predictability - Provide consistent and predictable structure and clear limits. This promotes secure attachment.
8. Self-management - Gurian says here, "the behavior management strategies that are based on development stage of your child instead of a later or earlier. Expect your child from three to 'use their words" when you are angry is almost always be developmentally inappropriate. He may just need to throw a tantrum (in a safe place), beating the floor with his fists until it releases its energy. "
9. Choice Making - Not so little for it as you can, making sure he does, both for himself and he can help you make choices acceptable. Making the right choices builds the frontal lobe of the brain.
10. Children Discipline - In scary yelling at him (at a young age ... at a later age, may be called for, occasionally), or any other inappropriate discipline.

The brain needs the complex interaction of all 5 senses in order to increase their tissue entirely. Because of this, the screen time, especially in early childhood may be harmful to brain development, even if the child is watching "educational" shows. (p. 112)

"for each hour of television watched every day, the incidence of ADD and ADHD by 10 percent. "- From the research in 2004 by a brain researcher at Seattle Children's Hospital - Dr. Dimitri Christakis. (P. 112)

Music and music lessons help "wake up brain"And having a time before music lessons can help with learning. (P. 273)

A autora deste texto tem uma frase fantástica no se blogue:

"The mother` s heart is the child `s School-room."
Henry Ward Beecher

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